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 Weezer Update

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PostSubject: Weezer Update   Weezer Update Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2008 7:12 pm

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has left an update on the progress of their forthcoming album. Her writes: We have one song left to mix and then it's on to mastering. We should be all done very soon. Then we chill for a minute. The album will be out in June so with any luck you will hear a new Weezer song on the radio soon. I think I know which song is the first single but I'm not sure so I can't tell you. I'll give you some hints, though. It's one word, starts with a T, ends with an R and contains twelve letters. You should be able to figure it out because you're smart li'l Weezer fans.

The album is meaty, crunchy and melodic like a good Weezer album should be.

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Weezer Update
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